Smash the Cake, 1st and 2nd Birthday

A great way to celebrate!

Dress your little one up in a birthday outfit  for their birthday card invitations, or thank you cards (ask about our range of custom designed greetings cards).  Top that off with the naked or simple baby grow for the cake smash and you will have fun great creative images which make  great collages and interesting story boards, or even session albums…..  You will love these special memories we have created for you, and for your child for their future.

2 thoughts on “Smash the Cake, 1st and 2nd Birthday”

  1. Lindsey Barbakis

    Hi I am wondering the price range for the birthday smash a cake experience. I want to get my little girl, who turned 2, a few weeks ago and my niece who is 1 on 18th February photographed together and few on their own. If you could give me a rough estimate I would be most grateful.

    Thank you

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