OFFLEY STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY | Ellesmere Port, Wirral & Cheshire

One Special Moment... Captured for Eternity

Your pet’s are special.  Whether they are a Cat, Dog, Rabbit or Hamster, there is something so important about them right now.  And that is something worth celebrating with Offley Photography.

Celebrate them with a pet photography session that highlights their individuality, that special look, the sparkle in their eyes, and the strength of their connection with you.  Your photographs from this session will remind you of these features for years & years to come.

As a specialist pet photographer, we understand the emotional bond that you have, we understand the things that they do to make you laugh, cry smile and at your dog portrait session we can capture their individual stories with beautiful photographs that you’ll be proud to hang on your walls.

We understand what it means to have furry family members, sharing meals, beds, planning holidays to spend more time with them, they are a big part of our families. And whilst we understand that you are looking for beautiful photography, we also understand that you are looking for so much more from your pet photography session.

Whether they are an outgoing puppy, a shy rescue  or tired oldie, we will help them settle into the studio and capture them for you to remember forever.

Pet Photographs To Tell Your Story

Is your pet quiet, are they energetic & outgoing?  Each animal is different and we work hard to make sure your pet portrait photographs reflect this.  We learn about their story, what makes them unique and what’s important to you.

We capture your connection so that when you look back at your photographs from us years from now you will re-live the emotions of this important time.  Each year as your beloved pet gets older, you will be looking at meaningful portraits that allow you to relive these important times so that they seem right beside you.

This is what we do, we learn about you, your journey and together we capture the story of your love and bonds of friendship for you to remember forever.