Signature Maternity & Newborn Plan

Sarah Offley maternity & newborn photoshoot plan

Maternity sessions are the perfect way to document your pregnancy and anyone will tell you, pregnant mummies are so beautiful! Even if you’re not feeling particularly “blooming” at the moment, it is an important part of the life of your baby and the story of your family, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

We use beautiful lighting, careful posing and gentle airbrushing to give you images you will be proud to own.We typically schedule your maternity portraits to be held during your last trimester, but you’ll want to book the session as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

When planning your newborn session it is important if possible to book while you are still pregnant because timing is important. The lovely peaceful sleepy stage is best taken in the first two weeks of life. When you book in whilst pregnant, I will pencil you in and then we will confirm the date on baby’s arrival (we all know babies have their own schedule!)

When you bring your baby to the studio session we will have everything here for you including props, blankets, knitted hats etc. We do suggest that clients bring items to the session to make it more personal to you.

Signature Maternity & Newborn Session Plan £140

What’s Included:

  • 2 studio sessions (1 Maternity & 1 Newborn)
  • Your choice of 1 free 8″x6″ in deluxe frame from each session
  • Full studio session with a wide variety of images being taken
  • Portrait viewing & selection sessions with one-on-one professional assistance to help you select the portraits you wish to own.
  • No high pressured sales. We promise.
  • Custom professional portrait artistry to include digital toning, and skin perfection.

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