From Tummy to Baby | Maternity & Baby Photographer

Maternity and newborn sessions always hold a special place in my heart, it is such a tender and magical time, which (although you may not always feel it at the time) passes by so quickly.  This Signature Maternity and Newborn Package was taken quite late on in mummy’s third trimester, so we weren’t sure if she would make it to the session in time before having the baby!  Luckily she did and we had a lovely maternity session with mummy bringing a couple of outfits to use  during the session..  A few weeks later I was introduced to this super cuddly beautiful baby girl and we got the best of both worlds from her with her sleepy shots and awake shots.  As well as their two free framed 10″x8″ portraits Mummy and Daddy chose a large framed wall portrait to hang on their wall and smaller 10″X8″ prints, their favorites are below.

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