Our Heritage

As the third generation of photographer in her family, Sarah knows first hand how important it is to have family photographs.

Like his granddaughter Sarah, Roy Offley was passionate about photography, his journey started during WW2 where he was in the RAF serving in the mobile field photographic section until the end of the war.  A short time after this Roy established his photography business ‘R. L. Offley – High Class Photography’.  One of the oldest price lists Sarah has of her granddads advertises ‘flashlight photography’ & ‘photographs hand coloured in oils’  and an emphasises on his aim in quality.

offley photography wirral

A love of photography is something that Roy passed on to Sarah’s mother, Alison, who after working with her father for many years eventually took over the business in the 1980’s and became a renowned wedding photographer in the Ellesmere Port and Cheshire areas, photographing hundreds of happy weddings throughout the decades.  In fact nine times out of ten when Sarah tells people the name of her business the response is “your mum took our wedding photographs”!

Taking photographs is a mantle that Sarah has taken up happily.  In the days when cameras where loaded with film, Sarah assisted her mother during weddings photographing the reportage and candid style black and white photographs which were coming into fashion in the early noughties.  When she was studying photography she honed her technique of anticipating love, laughter and connection between people to capture those very special moments perfectly.

Offley Photography Wirral

Carrying on the Tradition

Sarah hopes that Roy would approve of how she’s continued the family tradition of photography with the emphasis on quality.

Since Sarah became a mother herself in 1999, the importance of taking photographs has never been so clear to her.  Of course things have changed a lot since the Roy first used his camera, everything has gone digital and there are 100’s of never looked at again images for the single one that Roy would have taken.  

For this reason more now than ever before it’s time to re-connect with portraits and products you will look, admire and smile at every single day of your life.  

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