Month: June 2015

Adult Daughters Photography Session

Last month, I photographed a Mum with her four adult daughters, apart from the youngest they were now away at university and living away from home . Lots of families have professional photos taken when their children are little, then  through school,  and at times for milestones like birthdays, graduations and so on, these are the obvious stages where photography sessions are …

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baby looking into camera baby photography studio session

Baby Photography

This handsome bubba boy is just 12 weeks old here and was just so cute! We love baby photography sessions here at the studio and that includes older babies, not just the newborn babies. Life happens, and babies are unpredictable, those first few weeks disappear in a flurry of doctor visits, family and friends flocking …

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using textures helps with white clothing photo session

White is Alright

Today’s What to Wear Guide is a visual guide on how white clothing on a white background works.  White clothing with little ones can work really well, it’s simple, uncluttered and the focus is all on the children themselves without any distractions.  White always looks good and will never go out of fashion! Texture is …

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